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The Application form for Designers


Antonius fashion show will take place on the 24th of August 2022.



Antonius fashion show will be held in following categories: 

  • Ready-to-wear apparel 
  • Accessories
  • Digital fashion (with ready-to-wear perspective)
  1. Both individual designers and teams can participate (hereinafter “designer(s)”).
  2. The Participant must be at least 18 years old and the collection must be completed by 12th of July 2022.
  3. The participant must have previously launched at least 1 collection, but no more than 10 collections, before applying for the show. 

The participant can participate in three categories:

  • Apparel collection  (7 to 10 sets);
  • Accessory collection (7 to 10 items);
  • Digitally created 3D fashion outfits with rendered animation (7 – 10 sets).

The participant can participate only at one fashion show per Estonian Fashion Festival per year (unless invited to another show by the organizer).



  1. Please answer the following questions IN ENGLISH: 
    1. What inspired you to create this collection and how many outfits it contains??
    2. What kind of materials are used and why?
    3. What is the overall message of this collection?
    4. What makes this collection unique?
    5. For whom is this collection (women, men, children, pluss-size)?
    6. What is your overall goal/purpose as a designer(s)?
    7. Where do you see your professional career in 5 years / 10 years?
  2. Information about the designer:
    1. Education;
    2. Previous experience in the fashion industry;
    3. Website;
    4. Social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/ or other);
    5. E-mail;
    6. Telephone.
  3. Sketches, mood board, and material samples of the whole collection.
  4. Photos of the collection (if the collection is ready or in development).



  1. The deadline for submitting the application is on 26th June, 2022, at 23.59. NB! The organizer has the right to postpone the deadline if necessary.
  2. The organizing team and the selected jury will review and evaluate the correctness of each application.
  3. The designers who will be selected to present their collection at Antonius will be announced on 29th June, 2022. The organizing team will contact the selected designers for further information about the show. The final list of all selected designers will be announced via website
  4. The contract between the designers and Antonius Fashion Show will be signed shortly after announcing the selected designers. The contract will contain information about the rights and obligations of both parties. 
  5. The organizing team will set up a Zoom meeting with the designers on 30th June 2022, at 6 PM. Participation is mandatory. The absence will be allowed only when priorly consulted with the organizing team, due to a reasonable excuse. 
  6. The participation fee for all the designers showcasing their collection at one of the Estonian Fashion Festival shows is 30 EUR (VAT included). The participation fee should be transferred to MTÜ Eesti Moe Festival (Bank Account EE817700771002954878) by 4th July, 2022. In the description field, please add the first and last name of the designer(s). If the participation fee has not been transferred by the deadline, the organizing team has a right to remove the  designer(s) from the fashion show. 
  7. The designer of the collection will have to ensure that at least one of the sets of the collection will be sent to the organizing team by 12th July, 2022. The set from the collection will be used for the advertising materials for the designer and Antonius Fashion Show. The delivery address will be confirmed in near the time. The cost of transportation will be covered by the designer(s). 
  8. The organizing team will be responsible for finding the models. If the designer wishes to bring his/her own models, the designer is responsible for their presence at the Antoniuse Fashion Show event. The organizing team will not cover the transportation and accommodation costs for those models
  9. Each designer is responsible for finding, lending, transporting and returning footwear for their collection.
  10. The organizing team will be responsible for the concept and art direction of the venue and the fashion shows.
  11. The make-up artists and hairstylists will be provided by the organizing team, who will also decide the concept of make-up and hair for the fashion show.
  12. Suggestions by the designers to modify the concept of the venue, fashion show, make-up and hair will not be accepted. In case of disagreement, the organizing team has the right to remove the designer(s) from the fashion show. 
  13. The concept for the music for presenting the collections will be provided by the organizing team.
  14. The designer and the entire collection must arrive at the venue in the morning of the fashion show on 24th August, 2022. The exact time to be confirmed by the organizer. The cost of transportation for the collection will be covered by the designer(s). 




Liis Tiisvelt

Head Organizer of Antonius

+372 5270951

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