Become a model

May 3
Widget Factory

Eff 2019 three fashion shows: Mood-Performance-Tants, OmaMood and Antonius Fashion Show are looking for people wanting to try out modeling! Clothing size or age are not the most important factors, it is the attitude that matters the most!

3. May at 18:00-21:00 Eff 2019 will host the volunteer models’ casting at Aparaaditehas. We will select the models who will take a turn on the catwalk for the fashion shows happening in June at the Estonian National Museum.

We are part of Tartu Student Days and Well Played Events event Four Rooms. Come and walk the catwalk, listen to good music played by Bashment DJs, watch some street basketball, eat street food and chill in the spring. Four Rooms minifest lasts until 23:00 and entrance is for FREE. The following event is ticketed and happening at 4 different locations at the Widget Factory.