Annika Kiidron


Annika Kiidron

Give Me My Fairytale

Handicraft has given many women the opportunity to dream, to escape from reality and imagine a brighter future. Women have fought in the wars – through handicraft, put bread on the table during famine. In times of great suffering and sorrow – fighting for their rights and enduring domestic violence, embroidery has given women a voice and an opportunity to escape reality to keep their sanity.

Material for this collection is mostly found from garage sales and second hand shops. Fine handicraft that has taken hundreds – even thousands of hours of work. Pillowcases, framed Pictures etc– all made with lots of love and unbounded amount of skill.

You can find cross-stitch and long stitch embroidery and tapestry which have had their glory, but now they are waiting for their sad future, just because trends have turned. Including finest materials. Precise little illustrative stitches that combine fabulous color schemes and artsy stories. Not always perfect, but still with strong characteristics.