Anu Sirkas


I made a promise to myself before creating this collection. Stop searching too desperately for inspiration and start looking at simple things around you. Past years have been rough for the people of this planet with so many things taken away from us. So many lockdowns made our stay in the same places and the same routines. In order to keep the excitement alive, I had to change my perspective and try to see beauty in every little
detail around me.
Hence, the collection Honeyland was born in the countryside of my parents.
Sustainability is important to my heart. My purpose is to slow down the fashion system, use sustainable materials and produce clothes to order only. I want to educate people about the process of making the clothes so hopefully, they would appreciate and value the garment makers’ work. I would love to be as ethical as I can be as a designer and an entrepreneur in every step. Another big goal is to create a positive feeling for the wearer. The clothing should support the wearer and create feelings he or she wants at the moment. If you have a comfortable knitted set with cheerful patterns, the positivity is guaranteed to hit.