By Kaire Avi


Kaire Avi-Kinnunen

„H2nds free“

I was inspired by the cut of the classical men’s vest, especially its simplicity and message that it carries: respect, confidence, contention, strength…
The idea behind the collection was to give the classical vest freshness and new breath, and create a collection of accessories that intertwines tradition and modern design. 

The minicollection „H2nds free“ grew out of the last year’s collection „Hands free.“ I used textile that adds softness and solidity to the collection, as well as leather that gives the collection its strength. Throughout the collection I’ve used different configurations of pockets that can be worn with an additional strap as a shoulder bag, a hip back or a backpack. All leather details (pocket bags, straps) are removable and allow the vest to be worn in four different ways.