Franz Raver

Franz Raver
The collection was inspired by today’s fast fashion, behind the scenes of the fashion industry, and extensive consumption – these three keywords are something we should pay very close attention to. As a result, the colors of the clothes in the collection seem to warn of danger – neon yellow, poison green, and contrasting black and white stripes. Plastic is perfect – it’s so insidiously hiding in our wardrobe that surrounds us all day long. Be it casual clothes, training clothes, or nightwear.
For a 21st-century consumer, clothes seem to be disposable. None of us want to be in the same clothes in the office, out with girlfriends, or on a date. Who, at all, and how often do you think about us – what are we wearing? What is it made of? Who did it, and under what conditions? How do these materials affect us as
carriers and our surroundings? The “Plastic perfect” collection draws attention to polluting fast fashion, which has many dangers for us and the environment. Much has been written about how a person eats one section of a bank card plastic a week. Should we also be aware that we carry plastic around our bodies? Would warning the carrier helps to change consumption patterns, or do we choose to change only when it is too late?