Jūratė Vaškienė

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Fuckn Perfection

Etendus: Antoniuse moeetendus

Aasta: 2020

Perfectionism and empowerment – women’s battle in men’s playground or conscious self-design for domination? Our duties and responsibilities – imposed burden or self-expression and way to gain moral reward? Best wife, mother, daughter, sister, employer, good-looking, self-determined, smart, intelligent, gentle, strong – all in one, all 24 hours per day. Is it our own decision, our response to 21-st century order or irresistible power of DNA?

Women of different epoch – who would they be today? How would they think, act, talk, what would they wear if they would live today? Would they still be so perfect? Would they play the same “game of perfection” and drive themselves to exhaustion or would they set their own rules and make the world spin their way?