Katre Arula

Katré stuudio

For many years, I have been making shoulder bags, handbags and backpack bags from the furniture factory leftover fabrics. Woollen fabrics and woollen felt fabrics are always among the leftovers. For me, wool is a very valuable material, so therefore I haven’t used wool to make products for sale. Even so, I have collected a large amount of wool and I have now decided to use them as the main material of the collection. To pull parallels between metals and fabric fibres, then for me silk equals with gold and wool with silver. This is how the title of my collection could be written.
The pieces of the collection are inspired by recycling, folk costume skirts, embellishments, and being unique. For me, the skirts of folk costumes have powerful colours which are woven on axles. Colour harmony, horizontal and vertical stripes, folding, and crafting is a recurring theme in my collection. I have always been fascinated by embellishments, which I use this time too, but in my own way.Katre Arula