Katry Mets


Katry Mets


The bag “MAKE” is part of a product series that I made for my diploma work in Pallas University of Applied Sciences. Inspiration for the product series is systematic modular typography, where one can divide letterforms to elements and build them up again. The straps of the bag act as letterform elements and braiding them onto the backside opens up different methods of dressing.

Product series message is “MAKE WHAT!”. At the beginning the artist’s canvas is expectantly empty, then impatiently and at last painfully blank. Confusion is apparent and words “make what” echo in the background. The first movement with paint and the rest easily follows, bursts of thought, color harmonies and the story. “Make what” hides the fear of blank paper. 

The bag is sewn from chrome tanned leather. It includes a long strap and 4 pairs of strap modules that can be attached to the rivet circle on the bag.