Lisette Sivard


Lisette Sivard


Motion- and human-(body)-centric collection “VÖÖ” is, literally, just one reversible giant belt. Seven meters long object only comes to life when dancers attached to it start to move. Thanks to the motion within and on the belt the collection is visually constantly changing.

“VÖÖ” is inspired by bodies, love for work, human nature, life and afterlife. It is a story about the ornament and its lost value in symbolistic richness. Even though, Estonian ethnographic archive was used as one of the main sources of inspiration, it does not imply that the object should be categorized only to this ethnographic field. While interpreting national folk costumes pattern belts, it tells a universal story about being a human, which is timeless and transnational.

“VÖÖ” is an installative fashion collection, which offers the viewer tactile and visual delight, carries sincere-semiotic storyline and gives opportunity to experiment with movement.