Maria Petraityte

My primary inspiration behind this collection is myself. In the world of fashion, there is so much inspiration around us so I wanted in this collection to listen to my own voice and figure out my creative features. In order to do that, I restricted myself to only analyze and use my own creative works as inspiration between 2018-2022. I created my own tool/method for self-analysis of creative work. In short, I gathered all my primary information such as sketches, photos of garments, experiments and etc., then I analyse this information – search for creative frequency, and define the main personal creative features.
The research shows that designs are dominated by the interaction of flexible lines and shapes, the garment is seen as a living object, transformations are used such as details of the garment which can be removed or modified.
Keywords: organics, structure, transformation. These features reflect in a collection DISTANCE FROM A POINT. The study is combined with the symbols – spiral, tunnel, and vortex. They represent self-exploring paths, evolution, and growth of the spirit. Experiments are carried out with these forms in the creative process, the results of which are integrated directly into the constructions and cuts of the garments.