Ongoing climate change makes a huge impact on climate, that is why people have to adapt to them very quickly. However, in Denmark, you can’t be sure about the weather or plan what to wear cause wind and rain are usually around the corner. According to statistics, in Denmark, there are 170 days of rain throughout the year, it depends on people‚Äôs clothing habits. Considering Danish weather conditions the main inspiration
for the collection became the Danish seaside landscape, emphasizing the element – of rain, and the motivation to create a raincoats/rainwear collection, which will include modern science and textile technologies, adapting biomimicry like the main collection concept.
The collection’s main fabric is tightly woven linen, an innovative surface coating made from sand with metallic details. Linen fabric is one of the sustainable fabrics, it is strong, and naturally moth resistant. It has natural colors that are in my collection color palette including ivory, ecru, tan, and grey. Tightly woven linen
is breathable and layered can make you warm. The innovative surface is made from sand that creates a lotus leaf effect. Metallic silver details bring everything together.