Eff Interview with #Eff2020 Expert Liga Zemture

Eff had the honor of interviewing the Editor-in-Chief of L’Officiel Baltic Liga Zemture, who is also a very prominent figure in the Latvian Fashion scene. Liga will give expert feedback to all the 30 designers of Eff 2020 in order to help their fashion design careers and business to develop further.

1. Before we start, tell us something about yourself to the Estonian audience

I am an editor in chief of L’Officiel Baltic magazine. I have more than 15 years of experience in marketing and PR. This year I am nominated in top of macro fashion influencers in Latvia (Insta: @ligazemture).

I can say that fashion is my passion, and I feel truly in my place now. I hope that with hard work there might be a chance to change the image of the Baltic States on the Map of the Fashion World. I do love photography, and I have developed my skills in Central Saint Martins London. Accumulation of knowledge and education is significant for me. Although I have two bachelor degrees and an international MBA degree, I am always in the process of learning. I believe in karma… and that being happy for others happiness makes us happy!

2. L’Officiel is one of the oldest fashion magazines and was the first magazine to represent Paris couturiers. Do you think we could see one couturier in the Baltics someday?

I hope that we could see not only one in the future! Fashion is the language everyone in the world understands and we as small Baltic States countries could and should announce in the world with outstanding designers. Therefore it is my genuine wish that there would be some truly emerging talents!

3. What are the 3 most treasured items in your closet?

I am not a collector.  When I love something I wear it off so after a season it is so worn that there is not much of a treasure anymore. 🙂

Of course I love bags and shoes – this is my weakness. But real treasures for me are things with meaning – something that comes from people I love.

4. L’Officiel Baltic was established in 2008 and is a much-needed source for high fashion in the region. But would you say we actually have a luxury market in the Baltics?

Unfortunately, we have an almost zero luxury fashion in the Baltic States. For example, in Latvia, we do have only one luxury multiband store Plaza Fashion Store that represents Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and other brands. Chopard boutique might be the other one, and this is it. Because of such a small market and purchasing power, we are not interesting for luxury brands, and it is unfortunate. I can feel the lack of luxury representatives in the Baltic States clearly in my work with L’Officiel Baltics. It is quite a challenge to reach out to them!

5. One of the most important aspects of Eff is sustainability. Have you also changed something in your fashion consumption or behavior (taking into consideration all the recent events)?

Actually yes! Two days before New Year, I cleaned my closet, and I understood that I do not need as many things, and I better buy less but higher quality. I love the idea of Pangaia brand. And of course, Covid19 made me think a lot what will be the future of fashion. And I believe it will be more conscious.

6. Today’s young designers are facing fierce competition and an ever-changing world. How can a young designer make it in these conditions?

For young designers would be the best to work as assistants at big fashion houses – to learn, to see al the processes, to go through every process of production, so later they would not be afraid to go big. Overall, designers need to have a vision and believe in what they do.

The important thing is to have a business mind if not, it is essential to find a partner that has this ability to promote a brand and lead it, leaving the creative process to designer.

7. Could you also name some Estonian designers whom you follow and whose creations you would like to own?

I hope after Eff I will know much more about Estonian designers because I do not know almost any. Once I wore to an event dress of a very young Estonian designer Anzelika Mändmaa. I think that this dress was something unique! And if she would go in this direction, I see a future for her. I see a lot of things that she would need to improve, but the best is that she has her unique style and that matters a lot.

8. You are one of the experts of this year’s Eff, who is going to later give personal feedback to each designer. What are you going to pay attention to?

I am a very visual person – sure it will be the Lookbook and overall presentation as well as it will be the Instagram of the designer since nowadays it is the business card of a designer.

I instantly see the quality of the material – and if this aspect lacks, it is one thing that I would speak about.

Christian Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri

9. If you could have dinner with 1 living and 1 dead person, then who would it be and what would you eat?

It would be Maria Grazia Chiuri designer of Dior because she came to Dior as a first female designer and made Dior an even more successful brand. I would love to learn from her experience. Eating in such meeting would not be relevant for me.

I would love to meet my Dad…