EFF2022 Presents: The 15 Selected Designers For MPT

The designers for the Mood-Performance-Tants 2022 have now been selected by Jury. The artsy MPT fashion shows received applications from Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland during the period of the Designers’ Contest from January to February. Though being originally a fashion show, aimed at the graduates of the textile and leather design departments of Pallas University of Applied Sciences, the show now also welcomes applicants from other fashion schools as well as independent young fashion designers that represent the MPT ideology of creativity.

This year’s show is going to be special in many ways. Not only will this be the first physical fashion show in over 2 lockdown years, but we will be able to show the world that Eastern Europe is flowing with talent and deserves to be seen. Two fashion designers from Poland and one from Lithuania will show their collections on June 9 at the premises of Kammivabrik here in Tartu, alongside the local designers of Estonia. The Head Organizer of Mood-Performance-Tants 2022 Marta Tuulberg praised the fashion designers for their exciting style: “It is wonderful to see so much boldness and the use of distinctive shapes, colors and technically complex solutions.”

The Jury for the Designers’ Contest of MPT 2022 consisted of Aet Ollisaar (Head of Textile Department at Pallas University of Applied Sciences), designer Gita Siimpoeg, fashion photographer Getter Raiend, design duo Kristi Pärn and Andreas Kübar (Ellen Richard) and designer Triinu Pungits.

The designers for the 24th show of Mood-Performance-Tants are the following:

  1. Barbara Rydz – “I`MMATURE” (Poland)

My main source of inspiration for this series was the countless intricacies of our flesh and psyche. I have
always found imperfections of the human body and mind to be the most interesting and most alluring part of us.
In this collection, I wanted to bring this side of human existence to the surface and make it the vocal point of
the story. I created a series of costumes inspired by different shortcomings of human essence to create a story
about the hidden beauty in our flaws.

2. Olga Galińska (Alcest Studio) – “Locus Solus” (Poland)

The collection is inspired by Raymond Russell’ s book, Locus Solus. It’s a surrealist novel written in 1914 in
France. All the collecion’s sets were made for the characters from the book. The collection includes six sets
and two installations, and one of them is designed for three people. In my collection, I used materials which I
designed and prepared myself, for example in the female figure. I also used elements which have a symbolic
character, like dried grass in the umbrella and wind chimes in the female hat, as they describe history and
personality of the book’s characters. The design decisions that I made were inspired by the grotesque climate
of the book.

3. Kairi Getman (White Crow Design) – “SMELL MY ROSES” (Estonia)

I got my inspiration from my garden, where large flowering rhododendrons and peonies grow during the
summer. The momentary blooming of these plants provided the inspiration to create clothes that can be worn
all year round, with different techniques and materials, to carry the beauty of these flowers with you at all

4. Merily Mikiver, Marion Mölder (Marion x Merul) – “UTE” (Estonia)

Põhiliseks lähtepunktiks olid lapsepõlve mälestused klassikalistest kudumitest ning katsetused kodumaise
lõngaga erinevate vormide ja tekstuuride näol.
Soovisime uurida lähemalt võimalusi, mida pakub silmuskudumine ning kuidas panna masin ja villane lõng
koostööd tegema.


This collection was determined by the social exclusion of people with visual disabilities and desire to
normalize disability.

6. Andrea-Martha Teesaar (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

7. Anett Niine (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

8. Arabella Lippur (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

9. Kairi Palm (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

10. Liisi Anderson (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

11. Liisi Tamm (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

12. Lisette Laanoja (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

13. Marge Allik (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

14. Siret Ott ((Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

15. Maria Volk (Final Thesis of Pallas University of Applied Sciences)

The Mood-Performance-Tants 2022 show will take place on June 9, 2022 at 7 PM in Tartu, Estonia.

Venue: Kammivabrik

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