Antonius Fashion Show

8 June 2019
Estonian National Museum

Antonius Fashion Show

Antonius Fashion Show main objective is to showcase ready-to-wear design and to boost the value and sales of Estonian design. During its five-year run, it has developed into a clearly defined brand with its own visual, productive and organisational culture. The keyword of the show is ready-to-wear, which means that participants of the show are selected on the basis of how wearable and marketable their collections are.

As a result, the show has become an excellent springboard for designers, who wish to enter large markets and appear on fashion shows abroad. The Antonius Fashion Show is a story of good taste, quality and faith in the competitiveness of local creations.

Antonius Fashion Show designers 2019

Larissa Kondina (bränd Mekoome)

“Knitted Cityscapes”

Siret Esko

“Tugev kui teras”

Janika Stets


Woolenky & B'MOR Studio


Kerli Koovisk


Raine Toss

“I´m real”

Annika Vaalma (Etnowerk)




Jane Aus


Malle Soosaar


Sandra Ojamäe


Getter Laur


Zack Marqués, with team Mariann Lukka and Sandra Mõõk

“CHILLAX by Zack Marqueś”

IDS designers

Markhamat Umarova

Like Look


Angel A

MaiMai (Maija Balode)

Time and venue

8 June 2018
Estonian National Museum


Piret Vapajeva, Project Manager at Antonius Fashion Show;