Bloggers’ Panel

Bloggers’ Panel

Aimed at average fashion consumers, the Blogger Panel will discuss topics that are currently relevant in the world of fashion as well as social issues. Among other topics, the panellists will have the chance to express their opinion on slow fashion, as this is the main focus of this year’s festival. What is slow fashion? Is it sustainable? What practices can average consumers adopt to be eco-friendly and conscious of our future? What are the best solutions for problems that arise from consumption? The event will offer tips and highlight the best environmentally conscious fashion designers. The panel will also take questions from the audience.


fashion designer Kristiina Jeromans, Häppening web-magazines’ author Kaisa Tooming, fashion photographer Virge Viertek and accessory designer Liina Adamson-Ehte

Time and venue

7 June 2018
16.00 – 17.30
Tartu Kaubamaja, Women Department