Discussion on Techno-Innovation

Discussion on Techno-Innovation

A new addition to the programme, the Discussion on Technology and Innovation is mainly aimed at designers and producers. The event will bring together designers and technologists to theoretically discuss new interesting materials and different ways of processing them. This is a place to find contacts and discuss how to turn your great ideas into physical products, how to find partners in material supply, processing and mass production, how to optimise production, etc. Designers will have a unique opportunity to learn from the specialists from the field of speciality networks how the system works and how to find the most innovative solutions to their ideas.

The discussion will be conducted in English.


Marte Hentschel (GER) 
Fashion Sourcebook founder & CEO;
“Conscious Sourcing in the Digital Age”

Marte Hentschel is the founder and CEO of Sourcebook, a digital networking service to connect fashion brands with garment manufacturers, service providers and fabric mills. Marte is also a lecturer and consultant in textile technology. As a garment production and supply chain maven with a diploma in menswear manufacturing and fashion design, she has a broad network and a decade of experience in supply chain transparency and digital disruption. The topic of Marte’s talk is „Conscious Sourcing in the Digital Age“. In her lecture she will give an overview about today’s possibilities in ethical and environmental sourcing at the intersection of sustainability and technological innovation. It’s leading towards future fabrics, circular supply chains and heritage techniques in the digital era.


Helena Almqvist (NOR)
Protex managing director;
“Changing business model through digitalisation and clustering”

Helena Almqvist is the managing director of Protex Balti AS, a leading provider of advanced textile solutions for the Scandinavian market. The company is a subsidiary of Protex AS (Norway) and currently employs 230 people in Estonia. Helena’s presentation is titled “Changing business model through digitalization and clustering” and in her talk she will touch upon the following subjects: the growing demand for smart textile and Internet of Things (IoT) services, industry 4.0, the changing management and leadership in change. Helena will also present a case study based on Protex and talk about Ragnarok 2.0, a revolutionary smart suit for workers exposed to high risk environments.


Ann Runnel (EST)
Reverse Resources founder & CEO;
“Insight to mass-production in Asian garment factories through the eyes of an economist”

Ann Runnel is an entrepreneur and researcher of circular economy in the global fashion industry. In her lecture titled “Insight to mass-production in Asian garment factories through the eyes of an economist” Ann will discuss the situation where garments are made 100,000 pieces at a time. In such a case a rather different perspective has to be taken and unimaginable problems arise which often stay unseen for designers. Ann will give an insight into the economic incentives of the factories and how her company Reverse Resources is helping the factories to create new value for their waste by better cooperation with brands.


Ada Traumann (EST)
Professor of Clothing and Textile Institute in TTK University of Applied Sciences;
“Digital Aspects in Learning and Research”

Ada Traumann has studied sewing technology in Tallinn University of Technology and has worked for over 12 years in the same field. Her doctoral thesis dealt with issues relating to health and safety at work environment. She has published a number of scientific publications and since 2015 works at the Institute of Clothing and Textile of TTK University of Applied Sciences. Her scientific work is mainly connected with production management and the technology of sewing. In her talk “Digital Aspects in Learning and Research” Ada will give an overview of the digital possibilities in the learning process at the Institute of clothing and textiles of TTK University of Applied Sciences.


Time and venue

6 June
Tartu Centre for Creative Industries courtyard at Kalevi 17