6 - 9 June 2019

Estonian Fashion Festival

Estonian Fashion Festival – Eff – combines three well-known fashion shows: Mood-Performance-Tants, OmaMood and Antonius fashion show. The main objective of the festival is to introduce and support young designers and their high-quality creations: clothing, footwear and accessories.

Designers are selected through a contest for each of the three unique fashion shows. The collections are then presented 6-9. June 2019 at Eff fashion shows at the Estonian National Museum. The shows are professionally directed and supported by music, choreography, makeup and hair especially catered for each show.

The designers will receive an added value in the form of workshops for creating a brand, marketing the products, product photography and compiling a portfolio, as well as presenting the collections. Additionally the designers will get professional feedback, an experience in participating in a fashion show and an opportunity to attend an international fashion fair. There are also different awards for designers. The main prize of the festival is participation in International Young Designers Contest in Kiev, which was won by designer Cärol Ott, who participated in Eff in 2018.

The public can enjoy three striking fashion shows, visit the fashion seminar and fashion design cinema. They will have a good overview of fresh Estonian fashion and developments in the contemporary design. The festival is aiming to guide the public towards a more conscientious consumerism – to prefer a more curated wardrobe of high-quality and environmentally sustainable items and to be more cognizant of the origin of their clothes.

Fashion professionals will get a thorough look at the new talents and directions that interest young designers. The festival provides a great opportunity for networking and establishing direct contacts with future design market influencers.

See you at Eff on 6-9 June 2019 in Tartu!


Elo Meier

Main organizer

Maiken Austin

Marketing and communication manager

Mall Kullamaa

Graphic design manager

Tony Käsper


Maarja Aeltermann

Pallas University of Applied Sciences

Kairi Lentsius

MPT producer

Piret Vapajeva

Antonius Fashion Show producer

Kaari Soosalu

OmaMood producer

Karin Sepp

Project manager for Seminar

Juta Kuhlberg

Antonius Fashion Show, Tartu Centre for Creative Industries

Liisu Siimer

Coordinator for guests

Siim Parisoo

commercial video