The gala brings the designers participating in the festival and their works once again to the audience, in a slightly different way. The gala evening follows the whole festival’s slogan – slow fashion – the process of creation and its environment. When entering the ERM, visitors enter the showroom –  a display in which three different stage sets present the concepts of three very distinctive fashion shows. From the pre-stage a corridor leads to the so-called workshop where THIS is being made between rolls of fabric, a cutting desk and fitting room.

The main organiser of the EFF, Maarja Marga, and the Deputy mayor of Tartu, Raimond Tamm, will open the gala. What will follow is a discussion-debate among the organizers of major fashion events in our neighbouring region. The culmination of the event will be a prize awarding ceremony. The most remarkable of the latter is the invitation to the “1st International Young Designers Contest” organized by the Kiev Fashion Week. The contest features invited designers – the best of the best from different European countries. The contest takes place in the middle of July 2018 in the capital of Ukraine, and has the prize fund of 10,000 USD. The invitation to Kiev will be handed over by the representative of the Kiev Fashion Week, Victoria Kharchenko.

When entering the ERM, three installations will welcome you right at the door. Here you can find out more about the designer clothes that you saw on the stage the night(s) before and you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with their authors. The showroom is a physical environment for exhibiting fashion design, a part of which is the designer – who will be physically present, standing next to his/her work.

Visually attractive installations will include the deeper theme platforms of the fashion shows of the EFF.

MPT – youthful fashion design becomes one with movement and sound. The story of the clothes is spoken through a spectacle, via a comprehensive staged work. MPT is a combination of contemporary art and youthfully energetic and bold design.

OmaMood – folkloric technology stepping head up from the past to the present, historical designs adapted to contemporary trends, the most authentic materials, patterns and colours brought to modern day without breaking the traditions. So, let’s walk together into the unknown tomorrow, humming the well-known Estonian tune “Meil aia äärne tänavas”, and keeping alive the specific culture of fashion design in Estonia.

Antonius fashion show tells a story about good taste and quality and the belief in the competitiveness of local art. Keeping the term “ready-to-wear” in mind, all the designer collections making their way to the stage are ready to hit the waves on the shop counters, and thereafter in our closets.

All throughout the evening the ERM restaurant will be open, the mood created by Lepatriinu and the music played by Robert Kähr aka Tuljak. Margus Christopher Kalda will lead the show. HeyDay juices bring some freshness, something stronger is offered by Absolut. An afterparty will continue at Vilde ja Vine with two exhibitions on display, and a surprise show by Bon Bon Lingerie. The entrance is free of charge.

Artistic director and producer of Gala – Piret Mägi, co-producer – Margrit Malva.

Authors of showroom installations: Triin Uustalu, Kadri Vahar, Liina Raidoja.

Many thanks to the good partners who contribute to the implementation and ultimate success of the installations: ERM, Trendsetter Europe, Jardin aianduskeskus, Ove Uustalu, EKA Fashion Stylistics BA, Vilde ja Vine, etc.

Keep an eye on the final preparations here:


Time and place

8 June 2018
Bridge Area of the Estonian National Museum


Piret Mägi