6 June 2019
Estonian National Museum


MPT is unique in Estonia, combining artistic fashion with dance, performance, decorations and musical programme.

The MPT fashion show is open for young motivated designers who are eager to present their innovative fashion solutions to a wider audience. The more unique and unusual the ideas and solutions are, the better! The stage will feature both clothing and accessory collections as well as collaborations between different designers.

The show was initiated and is organised by students of Tartu Art College.

Fashion-Performance-Dance (MPT) 2019 Regulations

1. The fashion contest is open to individual designers as well as design teams.

2. In order to participate, the candidates must submit their entire collection. Both clothing and accessory designs are welcomed.

3. The collection must include 6 to 10 complete outfits dating back to no more than 2018.

4. For participation it is necessary to have:

4.1 Sketches of the designs have to be submitted in A4 format and each outfit should be presented on a separate page. No limitations of technique used.

4.2 Candidates must hand in A4 photos of at least 1 ready-made outfit. If needed, additional photos of specific details can be added.

4.3 A short description of the collection must be presented on a separate page — title, vision, inspiration and message. You can also add an inspiration photo collage.

4.4 Adding samples (physical applications by mail) or descriptions/photos (online applications) of materials are optional but recommended.

4.5 Candidates need to add a separate envelope (registration blank for online applications) with a sheet of personal information (name, email etc). In case of a design team, one of the members has to be named as the representative of the team.

4.6 The information in the envelope must be clearly readable! When applying online, make sure all info fields are completed!

5. Deadline for sending the sketches and other requested materials is 13th of March 2019.

6. MPT team has the right to extend the deadline of the feedback/competition.

7. The return of the sketches takes place within one month of the submission of the request after the end of the competition. The designer pays for the costs or returns the shipping stamps immediately with the designs.

8. One designer may participate in the competition with several collections.

9. All questions regarding the contest can be sent to MPT team member Olivia Jõgi via email at and/or by calling (+372) 552 5533.

10. Fashion-Performance-Dance fashion show will be taking place on the 6th of June, 2019 in Tartu.


➤ The design contest is anonymous. Designer(s) name(s) must be in a separate envelope. All designs and other documents must not have any clues about the creator(s) on them. Anyone not complying with this rule will be disqualified.

➤ MPT will help the designers find models for the show if needed. On the day of the event, EFF/MPT will organise the professional make-up and hair styling. If needed, we will help designers find appropriate shoewear for their models.

➤ EFF/MPT team leaves themselves the right to decide whether candidates meet the requirements for the event. MPT jury will make the final decision on which collections will be presented at the show.

➤ The fashion show will be directed as a whole that takes into account the vision of the designers, MPT team and the director.

Time and venue

6 June 2019
Estonian National Museum


Maarja Aeltermann