7 June 2019
Estonian National Museum


OmaMood began as a project of the Estonian Native Crafts Department of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. The event, which initially focused on showcasing students’ graduation projects, has now developed into a comprehensive fashion show that aims to popularise garments inspired by native handicrafts and demonstrate the possibilities of modernising heritage crafts. By organising this fashion show, we wish to highlight the beauty of Estonian native design and draw attention to slow fashion in order to increase the sense of social responsibility in the Estonian society. Each year, the fashion show is given a new musical background, choreography and lighting design. These are based on the idiosyncrasies of each collection and the event’s concept.

Participation information for designers

1. Both individual designers and teams can participate. One designer can participate in the competition with several collections.

2. The collection must be wearable fashion; both clothing and accessory collections are accepted.

3. The collection must consist of 6–10 sets and be completed in 2018 at the earliest.

4. One collection can only be presented in one show of the Estonian Fashion Festival.

5. To participate, the following documents must be submitted:


– Brief description (A4) of the concept of the collection – title, vision, inspiration, message, technique. A photo collage can also be added to the description of the inspiration. The maximum number of characters used in the description is 200.

– Designs (A4) of the entire collection. Each set must be presented on a separate sheet. There are no rules as to the layout of the designs.

– A photo (A4) must be submitted of one completed set. If necessary, you can add photos of the details.

– It is recommended to include samples of materials (by post / on the spot) or their description/photographs (electronically).

– The name of the collection must be indicated on the designs. The designs and other documents may not have any indications as to the author(s) because the competition is anonymous.


– Information about the author(s) of the collection (on the given form). In the case of a team, you must select one of the authors as your contact person and mark down their name. The details of the author(s) must be submitted in a separate envelope / separate file.

– The information must show the name of the collection, which is indicated on the designs.

6. The beginning of the copmetition is 16 January 2019. The deadline for submitting designs is 13 March 2019. The team of OmaMood fashion show has the right to extend the deadline for submitting designs.

7. The organisers of OmaMood fashion show shall check the eligibility of the designs for the competition. The jury of OmaMood fashion show will select the designers for the show from the properly submitted collections.

8. The designers selected for the show will be announced on 18. March 2019. These designers will be contacted and the final list of designers will also be uploaded to the fashionfestival.ee website.

9. Designs submitted by post are returned upon request within one month after the end of the competition. The designer must cover any costs related to returning the designs (for documents submitted by post, the postage stamps necessary for sending them back must be included in the envelope).

10. If necessary, the organisers of OmaMood fashion show will help successful designers find the suitable models and shoes. On the day of the fashion show, the organisers of OmaMood fashion show will guarantee professional make-up and hairstyles for the models.

11. The staging of the fashion show is a comprehensive solution that is in accordance with the vision of the collections, the organisers of OmaMood, and the stage director.

12. The jury of OmaMood fashion show reserves the right to forward a submitted collection to another competition of the Estonian Fashion Festival if it fits better in terms of the concept of the performance and designs.

13. Address:
Posti 1
Viljandi 71004

Time and venue

7 June 2019
Estonian National Museum


Additional information about the OmaMood fashion show and the design competition:
Kaari Soosalu: omamood.info@gmail.com / +372 521 3259