7 June 2019
Estonian National Museum


OmaMood began as a project of the Estonian Native Crafts Department of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. The event, which initially focused on showcasing students’ graduation projects, has now developed into a comprehensive fashion show that aims to popularise garments inspired by native handicrafts and demonstrate the possibilities of modernising heritage crafts. By organising this fashion show, we wish to highlight the beauty of Estonian native design and draw attention to slow fashion in order to increase the sense of social responsibility in the Estonian society. Each year, the fashion show is given a new musical background, choreography and lighting design. These are based on the idiosyncrasies of each collection and the event’s concept.

OmaMood designers 2019

Anneli Oru

“Astudes ajaloo ainetel”

Anu Sirkas


Piret Tiismaa


Kairi Getman


Mairo Seire

“V A B A D I K”

Kristina Libe ja Monika Hint

“Valge Vorm”

Vilve Unt


Cärol Ott


Karolin Kärm


Hannes Rüütel


Kertu Kivisik


Piret Albert ja Taive Peedosaar

“Vähem on rohkem! - Juuli”

Time and venue

7 June 2019
Estonian National Museum


Additional information about the OmaMood fashion show and the design competition:
Kaari Soosalu: omamood.info@gmail.com / +372 521 3259