Silver Sepp performed at the Estonian Fashion Festival OmaMood fashion show

Press release, June 7 / Text: Maiken Austin


Foto: Sadu-Triste Juurikas

The Estonian national crafts deserve to be preserved and promoted, and this is exactly what is done by OmaMood fashion show organized by University of Tartu’s Viljandi Culture Academy. At the Estonian National Museum the audience could see the collections inspired by various forms of handicrafts, watch the dancing students from the Department of Performing Arts at Culture Academy and listen to the wonderful music that Silver Sepp had specifically created for this fashion show. The formation of an unparalleled community, which showed the sustainability and continuity of our national culture.

The show featured a very wide range of interesting aspects of Estonian craftsmanship – hammered Setu long sleeves (Eleriin Seim’s “Veere pääl”), beautiful brides and turtlenecks (Christi Kütt, Kati Kuusemets and Elen Tammet) and more modernly interpreted the story of Katre Arula’s collection “You fly … “The Huup Collection” Elli “was inspired by Japanese wabisab techniques and integrated Estonian techniques and handicrafts, and the collection of leather footwear Anneli Orult brought us medieval patterns. The designers demonstrated true professionalism in finishing and presenting their collections. Peart Mägi, head of the Moellist Academy of the Estonian Academy of Culture, took a beautiful look: “At a time when we are afraid of a stifling assault on a modern world view, it is in our own way as relaxing to see that our roots have been preserved. It does not have to be changed, or even more so, worthwhile, only in a museum. It must be passed on and given.”

Models were shivering from cold, but the fashion show was hot!

Press release, June 6 / Text: Maiken Austin


Photo: Sadu-Triste Juurikas

On the very coldest day of the last five weeks, the 20th fashion show “Mood-Performance-Dance”, opening the Estonian Fashion Festival and organized by Tartu Art College took place in the courtyard of the school. The rain poured and the wind tousled tarps covering the spectators, but no one was bothered by it – the show must go!

Barbara Lehtna, the director of the jubilee event, skilfully played with the notion of anonymity and familiar, the faces of several models were completely covered, which brought out the clothes of the collections. And the collections were truly of another dimension! The winner of the ERKI Fashion Show (a well-known fashion show in Tallinn, Estonia) Annika Kiidron’s “It’s a Trap?” brought even the third dimension into play and 3D glasses were handed out to the audience. There were several other men’s collections and all looked very high-quality. In addition there were interesting experiments with creating new textiles (Marta Tuulberg’s collection) and exciting clothing patterns (Anita Leina’s “Handle It” and Victoria Käesel’s “Antikulture”), all of which created a performance that helped everyone forget about the cold. According to the models, the rehearsals were perhaps even colder and more trying, but the show was professional, beautiful and successful! As the photographer Sadu-Triste Juurikas said: “It was even cooler than the ERKI show!”

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