Estonian Fashion Festival’s Professional Development Program

Estonian Fashion Festival’s Professional Development Program

Estonian Fashion Festival’s professional development program:
In 2019 the festival in collaboration with EAS (Enterprise Estonia) organizes a professional development program for the designers . The program’s goal is to give knowledge about marketing, branding, product photo creation, exportation and reselling.

Professional development program contains:


4 different (Topics: marketing, branding, segmenting the target group, product photo creation).

Fashion seminar

(Topic: export)

Fashion shows

(Process, presenting the collection on the stage)

Expert panel

(3 local and 3 international experts will give personal feedback to each designer about their collection)

International trade fair

(the ten designers taking part of the program will study the process of going to a trade fair as well as attend one. EAS and EFF will cover most of the transportation and fair expenses.)


Local fashion industry experts are slotted to give lectures at the workshops. Each workshop will last one day, the designers will be given theoretical knowledge on each subject, practice the implementation and at the end of the workshop receive personal feedback from the expert.

The festival in collaboration with EAS invites three local and three international fashion industry experts for fashion seminar and expert panel. The experts will give talks on communicating with resellers and export.

In its implementation year of 2019 the Professional Development Program is only available to 10 Estonian designers participating in the Eff 2019.