IYDC And Eff Are A Winning Team

The International Young Designers Contest (IYDC) is hosted annually each year in Kyiv, Ukraine. IYDC has 12 co-organizers from Central and Eastern Europe with whom they work in a close relationship for a common goal. The mission is to give young aspiring fashion designers the international platform they need to develop their brand and get widespread recognition.

The IYDC has 2 co-organizers in Estonia – Estonian Fashion Festival and ERKI Fashion Show. The contest is held annually in two stages: country-based (Eff, ERKI) and international. So far, Estonian fashion designers have been extremely successful during the whole 2 years of existence of IYDC – at the very first competition, Eff winner Cärol Ott took home the grand prize of 10 000 USD, and last year, Karl-Christoph Rebane was a finalist at IYDC.

Since the win, Cärol Ott has been featured in the Italian and Ukrainian Vogue, and more recently – has been invited to showcase her collection for buyers in Paris. Success stories like this are crucial for a fashion designer, as the competition is stiff and local markets are small. It is of utmost importance that Eff develops international relationships to provide young designers with the possibilities of gaining international experience. Besides taking part in IYDC, we provide the designers with the possibility of visiting foreign trade fairs and presenting their collections in the showrooms of the Nordic Fashion Week.

One of the greatest aspects of Estonian Fashion Festival is that even though not all participating designers will get to go to Kyiv, they all will receive personal and thorough feedback from international fashion experts. As Eff has a whopping 31 designers showcasing their collections this year of 2020, this alone is an important contribution to the careers of our fashion designers. As overwhelming as creating a fashion brand is, getting an educated heads-up or critique could be the start of something big or the end of it.

As our world is fragile, be sure on one thing – Eff lives for co-operation and is dedicated on making things happen. We as a non-profit are proud to be working together with fellow colleagues for IYDC. Other partners for the contest are the Czech Fashion Council, ERKI Fashion Show, Benext Fashion Design Contest (Georgia), Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, LCA Latvian Culture College (LKA Latvijas Kultūras Koledža), Mados infekcija (Lithuania), ZIPhouse (Moldova), Fashion Designer Awards Poland, Romanian Fashion Philosophy, Fashion LIVE! (Slovakia) and Ukrainian Fashion Week.

See you all in July, 2020!