Mood-Performance-Tants 2020 contest regulations

1. The Designers’ Contest is open to individual designers as well as design teams. One designer may participate in the contest with several collections.

2. Applicants who have created more than 10 collections as an independent designer cannot participate.

3. Collections of both clothing and accessories are welcome.

4. The collection must include 6 to 10 complete looks dating back to no more than 2019.

5. The collection can be presented to only one of the Estonian Fashion Festival’s contests.

6. Application documents:


– Sketches of the designs must be submitted in A4 format and each look/outfit(6-10) should be presented on a separate page. No limitations on the techniques used.

– Photos (300 dpi) of at least 1 ready-made look/outfit must be presented. Additional photos of details can be added.

– Material samples (documents sent via mail) or descriptions/photos of the materials (online applications) are optional but recommended.

– Only the name of the collections can be on application documents as the contest is anonymous.


– The concept of the collection – name, vision, inspiration, message, technique –  must be presented in A4 format. The concept will be presented to the contest jury along with other illustrative documents.


– All applicants must fill out online registration form.

– In case the collection is created by a design team, one of the designers must be chosen as a representative and only his/her contact information must be presented in the registration form.

7. Application documents can be sent via mail or uploaded to the online registration form.

– Application documents sent via mail will be returned to the applicant upon agreement. All the return mailing expenses will be covered by the applicant. The applicant can send stamps for returning documents along with other application documents.

8. Deadline of the contest (both mail and online documents) is  April 6, 2020 at 23:59 EET/UTC+2. The MPT team has a right to extend the contest deadline.

9. The MPT team will review and assess if the application documents meet the contest requirements. Applications that meet the requirements will proceed to jugging process. Applications that do not meet the requirements will be disqualified and the applicant will be notified.

10. The collections that qualify for the online show will be chosen by MPT jury.

– The MPT jury and team has a right to forward a collection to another Estonian Fashion Festival competition if it seems justified concerning the concept of the collection.

11. Collections that qualify for the online show will be announced in April 8, 2020. The MPT team will contact with the qualified designers.

12. All applicants that qualify are required to send their collection to Tartu in June 2020.

13. With each designer the organizing team (MPT and Eff) will sign a contract that recognizes and governs the rights and duties of the parties in the production process of the online show.

14. MPT and Eff team will help designers find models for the online show, if needed. If the designer prefers to find the models himself/herself, he/she covers the expenses of transporting and accommodating the models.

15. On the day of the filming, MPT team will guarantee professional hair and make-up for the models.16. The Mood-Performance-Tants online show will be directed as an artistic video production that corresponds to the vision of the designers, MPT team and the director.

16. Address for sending the application documents via mail:
Pallas University of Applied Sciences
Tähe 38b
50103 Tartu

Additional information on the MPT online fashion show and competition