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About the event

June 09, 2022 8pm (GMT +3)

The gloomy tone of the force conceals captivating creativity. The force is not just a protest but a thirst for life. It is self-creative and unique, direct, independent, eternal, and primitive, free, and boundless.

Under the direction of the director Alissija-Elisabet Jevtjukova, the Mood-Performance-Tants show takes the viewer to perceive the special forms of “TUNG” (Eng. “URGE”) in a symbiosis of fashion, performance, and dance.

The performance aims to give designers unlimited freedom to express themselves. The director interprets the essence of an ambiguous word through movement and brings the viewer to the center of the whole play.

Mood-Performance-Tants (MPT) is a unique fashion show in Estonia that combines fashion, performance and dance.

The show was initiated and is organized by the students of Pallas University of Applied Arts.

Teguri 28A, Tartu
Producer contact
Marta Tuulberg

Program 2022

June 09, 2022 8pm (GMT +3)

The MPT fashion show is open for young motivated designers who are eager to present their innovative fashion solutions to a wider audience. The more unique and unusual ideas and solutions are, the better! The stage will feature both clothing and accessory collections as well as collaborations between different designers.


Ticket info

MPT is unique in Estonia, combining artistic fashion with dance, performance, decorations, and musical programme.
  • * 19:00 Doors open 20:00 SHOW 22:30 Doors close
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Meet the Experts

Hand picked talent is what keeps the Estonian Fashion Design industry going.All Experts
1 (2)
Maarika Karm
Footwear designer at Y-3 adidas x Yohji Yamamoto
Liis Tiisvelt
Head Organizer of Antonius Fashion Show /"Mitut moodi EFF" podcast
Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 22.56.38
Aljona Eesmaa
Editor-in-Chief of, PR Manager

Designers of 2021

  • 1) Kondrat Hecht - 4Bdden FRUIT
  • (Dissertation):
  • 3) Malle Soosaar - FLAME
  • 4) Anni Vallsalu - London
  • 5) Iris Krantsiveer - Capturing the shape of language
  • 6) Lisette Laanoja - BREATHE
  • 7) Claire Pixie Aunison - Elsa
  • 8) Liisa Lääne - leatherli
  • 9) Liis Tisler - maria “
  • 10) Kelin Kuznetsova - Knotie

Designers of 2020

  • 1) Victoria Käesel - Arbuja
  • 2) Katry Mets - M A K E
  • 3) Kirke Talu - BLACK RAIN
  • 4) Marili Järv - mar
  • 5) Susanna Belinda Kõgel - Bad Habit
  • 6) Lisette Sivard - Vöö
  • 7) Mariliis Niine - ÕILE
  • 8) Kaire Avi- Kinnunen - K2ed vabad
  • 9) Annika Kiidron - Give Me My Fairytale

Designers of 2019

  • 1) Victoria Käesel - KUNSTVERK
  • 2) Annika Kiidron - Dust/Tolm
  • 3) Karin Kreek - KIPE
  • 4) Mariliis Niine - TRYPO
  • 5) Kaire Avi-Kinnunen - Käed vabad
  • 6) Aźelika Mändmaa - VALGE/WHITE
  • 7) Karl- Christoph Rebane - Olen mingi nali te jaoks?
  • Rubén Reviriego - Bitter mood
  • Jūratė Vaškienė - DOPPLER (D)EFFECT
  • 8) Kaire Avi- Kinnunen - K2ed vabad
  • 9) Annika Kiidron - Give Me My Fairytale

Meet the Team

Hand picked talent is what keeps the Estonian Fashion Design industry going.
Alissija-Elisabet Jevtjukova
Kairi Lentsius Design_TELK3_4
Marta Tuulberg
Head Organizer of
_Helen Cornelia Kuklane
Helen Cornelia Kuklane
Laura Marita Lappalainen
Laura Marita Lappalainen
Mari Frühling
Mari Frühling
mari.fruhling@icloud.com57427412Mood-Performance-Tants 2022 Manager
Merilin Kask
Merilin Kask
Morgan Kinna
Ülle Järv
Ülle Järv
Ulle.Jarv@pallasart.eeBackstage Manager
Birgit Peerna
Birgit Peerna
Kärt Karro picture
Kärt Karro
Liisa Hanvere
Liisa Hanvere
Mood-Performance-Tants 2022 Managerliisahanvere@gmail.com58 161 678
Marite Rikkas
Marite Rikkas
Maarja Kaasik
Maarja Kaasik
Backstage ManagerMaarja.Kaasik@pallasart.ee51 54 587
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