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The OmaMood Fashion Show will take place on 10th of June 2022 in Viljandi.

1. Individual designers as well as teams of designers may participate. One designer can participate in the competition with several collections.

2. It must be a wearable design, both clothing and accessory collections are welcome.

3. The collection must consist of 5 to 12 sets, and must be completed not earlier than in 2021.

4. It is allowed to participate in only one of the fashion shows of the Estonian Fashion Festival with the same collection.

5. Participation requires the submission of:

– A4 format description (in English) on the concept of the collection (max. 1000 characters):
Collection title (max 5 words)
Vision, inspiration, message, technique
The written description will represent the designer of the collection in all Eff and OmaMood representation materials, and it will not be changed after the submission of the application form.

– A4 illustrations from the entire collection:
Each set must be formatted on a separate sheet. The presentation technique is free.
Please add numbers of the clothing size to each set. (maximum size can be 40)

– A4 photo of one completed object. If necessary, free-format photos of the details can be added.
It is recommended to attach samples of material (by post / delivery) or a description and photographs (electronically).

The illustrations must indicate the name of the collection. Designs and other documents must not contain any references to the author(s), as the competition is anonymous.
In the case of a team, one of the authors must be chosen as their contact person and their name must be indicated separately. Details of the author(s) must be provided in a separate envelope / file.
The information must include the name of the collection, which is marked on the designs.

6. The deadline for submission of the application is February the 28th, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. The OmaMood fashion show team has the right to extend the deadline for submitting designs.

7. From the correctly submitted applications, the designers who choose the show will be selected by the OmaMood fashion show jury.

8. The designers who will be part of the OmaMood Fashion Show 2022 will be announced on March the 9th, 2022. The finalists will be contacted and the final list of designers will also appear on the website.

9. An agreement will be signed with all the chosen designers, which will include the rights and obligations of the parties related to the organization of the OmaMood performance and participation in it.

10. A meeting with all the chosen designers will take place on March the 23th, 2022 at 18:00 via Zoom. Participation of the selected designers is mandatory. Absence is possible only by prior agreement and for a good reason.

11. The author of the collection must guarantee that at least one set of the presented collection will be ready and delivered (sent) to the organizers no later than April the 1st, 2022. The set is used for advertising to the collection author and fashion show. The place and address to which the set will be sent will be confirmed by the organizers. Transport costs are covered by the author of the collection. The set will be returned to the designer by the team after the photo shoot.

12. Illustrations submitted via post will be returned on request within one month of the end of the competition. Any costs related to the return of the design will be covered by the designer (for documents submitted by post, the postage stamps required for return must be included).

13. OmaMood’s fashion show management team provides the models for the fashion show. It is possible for the designers to come to the show with their own models, we kindly ask to inform the organizing team on it as soon as possible (no later than April the 1st, 2022). OmaMood does not pay for the transport or accommodation cost of the models.

14. On the day of the show, the OmaMood fashion show management team will provide the models with a professional make-up and hairstyle. The stylistic whole of the show will be provided by the organization team.

15. The production of the fashion show is organized by the OmaMood team and the artistic director.

16. The OmaMood fashion show jury reserves the right to direct the submitted application to the competition of another fashion show within the Estonian Fashion Festival, if it seems more justified from the concept of the fashion show and designs.

TÜ Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia
Posti 1
Viljandi 71004

Additional information about OmaMood fashion show and competition:
Triin Amur
+372 53 956 702

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