The Full List of Eff 2021 Designers

This year’s Estonian Fashion Festival (Eff) received a total of 54 applications from all over the Baltics. Out of the three fashion shows represented by Eff, OmaMood was the most popular among the candidates this year. OmaMood now has a popular Master School program by its own name, which is training fashion designers in heritage handicrafts. 

The work of the fashion designers taking part in Estonian Fashion Festival 2021 will be shown on the 9-11th of June via a live broadcast. Well-known Estonian young designers such as Hannes Rüütel, Vilve Unt, Katre Arula, Liis Tiisvelt (iLLIMOR) etc will present their work, as well as upcoming talents from Latvia and Lithuania. The common feature of the fashion designers can be considered the use of environmentally friendly and organic materials and recycling processes.

Tanel Veenre

Jewelry designer Tanel Veenre, who participated in the jury of all the three fashion shows, said that the designers from Latvia and Lithuania stood out with their thorough approach and well-thought-out concept this year. According to Veenre, however, the most exciting time will be in June, when the designs will come to life on the runway. “At the end –  persuasion is the key for me. It’s about who can pour their ideas into material,” added Veenre.

Making the choice from 25 OmaMood fashion show applications to 7 finalists was a real challenge. As the competition was preceded by a half-year training by the OmaMood Masters School of the Viljandi Culture Academy, the submitted works stood out with a high level. Many of the collections represented a sustainable worldview and slow fashion principles.

According to the head of the national handicraft department of Viljandi Culture Academy Ave Matsin, the OmaMood fashion show will be very strong this year. It will also be special because for the first time in its nine-year history, a foreign author from Lithuania will take the stage next to the Estonian heritage fashion designers.

Kätlin Häninen

Antonius Fashion Show jury member Kätlin Häninen, the Head of Buying and Merchandising at Kaubamaja, was impressed by the abundance of certified materials and organically pure fabrics. Häninen sees that so many of the young participants of Eff could be well-known designers in the future. The collection “DUALITY” by Hannes Rüütel, which is inspired by the current closed society and made out of fabric waste, immediately caught the eye of the representative of Kaubamaja as well. “Hannes Rüütel, whose target audience is mostly male consumers, could have a big future ahead of him,” Häninen pointed out the outstanding young designer of tomorrow.



The full list of designers who made it to the fashion shows of Estonian Fashion Festival 2021


  1. „4bidden Fruit“ – Kondrat Hecht (Latvia)
  2. „BLACK BOX LABEL – ABSENCE OF LIGHT“ – Rytis Beiga (Lithuania)
  3. „BREATHE“ – Lisette Laanoja
  4. “London” – Anni Vallsalu
  5. “Elsa” – Claire Aunison
  6. “Knotie” – Kelin Kuznetsova
  7. “Leatherli” – Liisa Lääne 
  8. “Flame” – Malle Soosaar 
  9. “Maria” – Liis Tisler
  10. Iris Krantsiveer


  1. „PERIPHERY“ – Vilve Unt & Ulvi Kangru
  2. „Pöi“ – Teele Koel
  3. „ EHME“ – Marge Allik
  4. „Nul’“ – Margaryta Zubrii (Lithuania)
  5. „NEW“ – Katre Arula
  6. „Make way for the bride“ – Grete Küppar & Maarja Palu
  7. „MOON“ – Annika Vaalma

Antonius Fashion Show

  1. „Mixed with stories“ – Jūratė Vaškienė (Lithuania)
  2. „Sculptures of Flash Memories“ – Gunta Edele (Latvia)
  3. „DUALITY“ – Hannes Rüütel
  4. „Zan:Zi:Bar“ – iLLIMOR
  5. „TEXTURES“ – Irja Lembra
Estonian Fashion Festival 2021 AGENDA:
June 9 at 7 PM (GMT +3) – Mood-Performance-Tants
June 10 at 7 PM (GMT +3) – OmaMood
June 11 at 7 PM (GMT +3) – Antoniuse Fashion Show