WOOLISH has built its family legacy with cardigans


Many people know the quality knits and colourful designs of Woolish. The brand has become a favourite at design shops and is worn by numerous Estonian celebrities. The product selection varies from trendy cardigans to cosy throws and pillows, all perfect for our chilly climate. But did you know that the brand is run by a four-generation family in Viljandi?

The knitwear brand Woolish has been around for 100 years, already since 1928. It began when its first atelier in Viljandi was established, which mainly produced cardigans for the Soviet era at that time. Time passed and the business remained, as throughout the years the company has actively produced numerous knits and other wool products. But what is most incredible – the company managed to give its appreciation of wool with its DNA to its great-grandchildren.

Having entirely reborn with a new feel and look in 2015, the brand is now run by the same 4th generation of its family members, making it one of the few truly Estonian family fashion houses. The brand has managed to stay true to its roots – the production and product development are based in Viljandi, but the marketing and sales are happening in Tallinn. Besides the local market, Woolish is now also available in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, England and at numerous design shops.

Although the company has remained independent, the brand had a facelift in 2014. The rebranding came to life with a desire to offer their heritage and belief of ethical and sustainable lifestyle through a strong brand called Woolish. Now the knitwear brand is run by creative and development teams of Eigo and Anna Siimu, who are the successors of the company. The main team also consist of Külli Siimu and Tairi Pakkas, who keep the production running and Marie-Helene Jäger, the super-sharp content manager.

As a small family company Woolish rather is focusing on educating the consumer about sustainable lifestyle, than dominating the world. In future the company will focus even more and more on how people can help to reduce the consumption and the ecological footprint while buying the products.

It is wonderful that consumers are starting to be more aware and give more thought about what they are buying, also where and how the products are produced. It is necessary to understand the overall lifecycle of the product, because oftentimes in today’s world a lot of products are being „greenwashed” and thus are not entirely transparent in terms of the lifecycle from A to Z. With Woolish, however, you can be sure on what you are buying – true heritage with the best wool.

There is much in cards for Woolish for the future. Their dedication to sustainability, digitalisation initiatives, being bold with the use of colors, patterns and styles, having a strong team – all signs are showing there is a bright future for Woolish. And this is just the beginning of their next 100 years.

Check out their product range at woolish.ee