We have compiled the program keeping in mind different stakeholders in the fashion sector, providing inspiration and solutions, raising awareness, promoting discussion and uniting the community to jointly contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable. Our festival programme always focuses on environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The main programme of the Estonian Fashion Festival consists of three different fashion shows: Mood-Performance-Tants, OmaMood, Antonius Fashion Show. The festival’s side program includes the sustainable fashion seminar Greenery, a showroom for establishing sales connections, a training for educating designers, a fashion exhibition, workshops, etc.

6 June 2024 Mood-Perfomance-Tants
7 June 2024 Showroom
8 June 2024 Seminar Greenery
8 June 2024 Antonius Fashion Show
9 June 2024 OmaMood

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