6. June 2024 Knorringu Aadlimaja, Tartu, Estonia

Mood-Performance-Dance is a one-of-a-kind fashion show in Estonia that combines fashion, performance and dance in a unique way. The show gives budding fashion designers the opportunity to showcase their exceptional designs on a platform that is as unusual as themselves. The designers’ works are presented to the audience in a truly eye-catching and playful performance. The show always encourages unique and unusual ideas in collections, performances, decorations, and locations.

Mood-Performance-Dance, the longest-running fashion show in Tartu organised by Pallas University of Applied Sciences, will be held for the 26th time this year. The show is also linked to the thesis defence at the university. It will present the graduate collections of the school’s design students and will be attended by the thesis evaluation committee. The graduates get the opportunity to showcase their work in a professionally staged fashion show.

Pallas University of Applied Sciences is the only applied art college in Estonia that offers studies in three departments (design, conservation/restoration and arts) in seven curricula: photography, painting and restoration, media and advertising design, furniture design and restoration, leather design and restoration, sculpture and textile. See more:

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