9 June 2024 ERM, Tartu, Estonia

OmaMood, a fashion show initiated by the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, brings to viewers the spirit of traditional handicrafts in modern styling already for the 12th time. The show supports the creation and wearing of clothes inspired by the local crafts heritage and produced in line with the principles of a sustainable, in particular, slow design movement.

Viljandi Culture Academy is part of the University of Tartu, which is included in the top world university rankings. At the academy, knowledge and culture meet in dialogue: we combine heritage and modernity, nationality and internationalism, scientific and artistic work, theory and practical solutions. As a leader in the field of creative entrepreneurship, Viljandi Culture Academy provides students with the skills and opportunities to start implementing creative projects already during their studies. Under the guidance of renowned creative professionals, it’s possible to enrol in five professional higher education programmes and three Master’s programmes. See more:

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