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Mood-Performance-Tants or MPT uniquely combines three art forms of fashion, performance and dance that encourage young novice designers to create unique clothing and/or accessory collections and presents them to the audience as a truly eye-catching and playful performance. Each show is unique, where the imagination of the director and the stage team reaches extraordinary results.

The fashion show is also related to the defense of graduation theses at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences, where graduates of the design department present their fashion projects every year, and the evaluation committee visits the show.


OmaMood Fashion Show started at the Viljandi Culture Academy of the University of Tartu. It’s a community-based movement and includes a training program with the same name.

The aim of the fashion show is to reflect the values ​​of traditional handicrafts in a modern way in today’s fashion design. Through its activities, the movement supports the preservation of local handicrafts, the broadening of the concept of heritage and its deeper observation, and the development of sustainable fashion design.

Estonian Fashion Festival – EFF – combines three well-known fashion shows: Mood-Performance-Tants, OmaMood and Antonius fashion show under one roof.

The main objective of the festival is to introduce and support young designers and their high-quality creations: clothing, footwear and accessories.

In order to get a good overview of fresh young fashion design and developments in sustainable design people can enjoy three striking fashion shows and take part in supporting events throughout the year. The festival’s aim is to bring attention to conscientious consumerism – to prefer a more curated wardrobe of high-quality and environmentally sustainable items and to be more conscious of the origin of their clothes.

Winner of 2021


Rytis Beiga


Winner of 2020


Annika Kiidron

“Give Me My Fairytale”

Winner of 2019


Karl-Christoph Rebane

“Am I a joke to you?”

Winner of 2018


Cärol Ott


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